The Merchant of Venice (2016)

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The Merchant of Venice Torrent

The Merchant of Venice Torrent
Director: Andrew Proctor

Writer: William Shakespeare

Stars: Jamie Walker, William Marshall, Rebecca Jayne Slack

Synopsis: Younity Theatre Company present their contextualised adaptation of the historical Shakespearean comedy. Antonio and his friend Bassanio beesech the moneylender, Shylock for a loan of three thousand pounds. He grants them the loan, but states that if the bond should be forfeit, then he will take a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. Bassanio uses the money to court the rich heiress of Belmont, Portia. In which he must undertake a complex challenge to provide his worth and love. But all does not go well for Antonio, Bassanio and their friends, as they go through the an extraordinary journey of friendship, love, deceit and conflict.


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